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Dear list, 

I use the "history-beginning-search-backward" widget quite frequently. It searches for commands in the command history that START WITH "LBUFFER". 

I like this behaviour. It is simple and it keeps my attention fixed on one line. What I don't like about the widget is that ONLY searches for commands that start with "LBUFFER". Instead I would prefer a similar widget that searches for commands in the command history, in such a way that "LBUFFER" is a SUBSTRING of these commands. (This is the default history management in MATLAB and FISH.) 

I know there is the "history-incremental-search-backward" widget, which is bound to "^r" by default. This widget does more-or-less what I want. However, it shows two prompts, which I don't seem to like that much. Moreover, if requires the userto invoke it first and then start typing what he looks for. Usually I seem to start typing something and then find out that I do not remember the command that I want to type anymore. So I would like to involve the widget after I type, as can be done with the "history-beginning-search-backward" widget. 

So, my question is: Has anyone ever come across such a "matlab-history-beginning-search-backward" kind of widget? Or, if not, can anyone provide me with pointers on how to write one by myself. I have to add that I am not very fluent at C. 

I hope I phrased my question clear enough. 




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