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Re: Manpage names in Doc [w/ patch]

"Benjamin R. Haskell" wrote:
> While looking up something about HIST_SUBST_PATTERN, I noticed a typo in 
> the Zsh manual it referenced.  So, I looked for other wrong manpage 
> names and found a couple.  Patch attached and inlined (What's the 
> preference? I never remember).


I prefer inline patches if your mail system doesn't mangle them:
experience suggests anything to do with Microsoft is likely to ensure
plain text is messed up in some way or another (no matter how many
attempts you've made to tweak Outlook or Exchange).  Attachments are
always fine, however, in any case of doubt (patch even handles DOS line
endings, thought that's a bit baroque).


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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author