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[PATCH] update _stgit for current StGIT version

Current StGIT removed quite some commands including (un)-applied to list 
patches. Use "stg series" to generate the same list. Also generate list 
of available commands dynamically.

StGIT includes facility to create bash completion from command sources. 
May be it could be reused for _stgit.

Attached as kmail always mangles them (or, better, I cannot find 
combination of settings that both do what I want and do not line-wrap 
Index: Completion/Unix/Command/_stgit
RCS file: /cvsroot/zsh/zsh/Completion/Unix/Command/_stgit,v
retrieving revision 1.2
diff -u -p -r1.2 _stgit
--- Completion/Unix/Command/_stgit	22 May 2009 20:13:24 -0000	1.2
+++ Completion/Unix/Command/_stgit	16 Feb 2010 14:44:54 -0000
@@ -2,53 +2,7 @@
 typeset -a subcmds
-  'help:print the detailed command usage'
-  'version:display version information'
-  'copyright:display copyright information'
-  'clone:make a local clone of a remote repository'
-  'id:print the GIT hash value of a StGIT reference'
-  'applied:print the applied patches'
-  'branch:manage patch stacks'
-  'clean:delete the empty patches in the series'
-  'commit:permanently store the applied patches into stack base'
-  'float:push patches to the top, even if applied'
-  'goto:push or pop patches to the given one'
-  'hide:hide a patch in the series'
-  'init:initialise the current branch for use with StGIT'
-  'patches:show the applied patches modifying a file'
-  'pop:pop one or more patches from the stack'
-  'pull:pull the changes from the remote repository'
-  'push:push one or more patches onto of the stack'
-  'rebase:move the stack base to another point in history'
-  'repair:Fix StGit metadata if branch was modified with git commands'
-  'series:print the patch series'
-  'sink:send patches deeper down the stack'
-  'top:print the name of the top patch'
-  'unapplied:print the unapplied patches'
-  'uncommit:turn regular GIT commits into StGIT patches'
-  'unhide:unhide a hidden patch in the series'
-  'delete:delete patches'
-  'edit:edit a patch description or diff'
-  'export:exports patches to a directory'
-  'files:show the files modified by a patch (or the current patch)'
-  'fold:integrate a GNU diff patch into the current patch'
-  'import:import a GNU diff file as a new patch'
-  'log:display the patch changelog'
-  'mail:send a patch or series of patches by e-mail'
-  'new:create a new patch and make it the topmost one'
-  'pick:import a patch from a different branch or a commit object'
-  'refresh:generate a new commit for the current patch'
-  'rename:rename a patch in the series'
-  'show:show the commit corresponding to a patch (or the current patch)'
-  'sync:synchronise patches with a branch or a series'
-  'add:add files or directories to the repository'
-  'cp:copy files inside the repository'
-  'diff:show the tree diff'
-  'resolved:mark a file conflict as solved'
-  'rm:remove files from the repository'
-  'status:show the tree status'
+subcmds=( ${${${(M)${(f)"$(stg help 2> /dev/null)"}## *}#  }/#(#b)([^[:space:]]##)[[:space:]]##(*)/$match[1]:$match[2]} )
 local curcontext="$curcontext"
 local subcmd
@@ -64,14 +18,19 @@ else
   case $subcmd in
-      _wanted -V "unapplied patches" expl "patch" compadd $(stg unapplied) \
+      _wanted -V "unapplied patches" expl "patch" \
+       	compadd ${${(M)${(f)"$(stg series 2> /dev/null)"}##- *}#- } \
 		&& ret=0
-      _wanted -V "applied patches" expl "patch" compadd $(stg applied) && ret=0
+      _wanted -V "applied patches" expl "patch" \
+	compadd ${${(M)${(f)"$(stg series 2> /dev/null)"}##[+>] *}#[+>] } \
+		&& ret=0
-      _wanted -V "patches" expl "patch" compadd $(stg series --noprefix) && ret=0
+      _wanted -V "patches" expl "patch" \
+	compadd $(stg series --noprefix > /dev/null) \
+		&& ret=0

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