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Re: Proposed feature: Selectively avoid adding to history (with code)

On Feb 22,  6:42pm, Richard Hartmann wrote:
}   zshaddhistory(){if [[ -n $FOO ]]; then return 1; fi}
} This allows me to modify my prompt, giving a visual clue that I am in
} try-out mode and will not put random testing stuff into my history.
} 1) If anyone else thinks this is useful and if it should be a _function

It'd be more useful if I could retroactively delete the last several
commands from my history, because I never remember to turn this sort
of thing on before I start testing. :-)

I'm not sure what you mean by "should be a _function"?

} 2) If "$HIST_NO_STORE" is a good variable name

Hrm.  The option of that name means not to store commands that are for
history access (and hence was a poor model for all the other "HIST_"
options that came after it, e.g., HIST_NO_FUNCTIONS should really be
FUNC_NO_STORE if the pattern had been properly applied).

HIST_DISABLE or would probably be a better name.  Won't one of the side-
effects be that you can't find those commands in the interactive history
either?  I'd like stuff to remain in the interactive history but somehow
be tagged so they're never written to $HISTFILE, which brings me to ...

} 3) If this would be better handled in an option

A tagging effect probably does need to be controlled by an option, as
the alternative is a builtin you can only call from zshaddhistory() or
some such; but I think for what you've got here, your approach is fine.

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