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[PATCH 4/6] Update news and releases.

 News/index.html |    7 ++
 index.html      |    2 +-
 releases.html   |  204 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 3 files changed, 212 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

diff --git a/News/index.html b/News/index.html
index bc1fb81..545441a 100644
--- a/News/index.html
+++ b/News/index.html
@@ -25,6 +25,13 @@


+<dt><font size="+1"><font color="red">2009-06-01</font> : <b>Release 4.3.10</b></font></dt>
+<dd>Bug fixes and some minor improvements.</dd>
+<dt><font size="+1"><font color="red">2008-11-03</font> : <b>Release 4.3.9</b></font></dt>
+<dd>Improved multibyte support on MacOS, updated prompt system and better
+debug support.</dd>
 <dt><font size="+1"><font color="red">2008-08-29</font> : <b>Zsh for Symbian OS.</b></font></dt>
 <dd><a href="http://www.symbian.com/";>Symbian</a> has released a port of
 Zsh, together with telnetd, onto Symbian OS using its P.I.P.S. layer.
diff --git a/index.html b/index.html
index ed528ea..beb399f 100644
--- a/index.html
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     <font size="+1" color="#600000"><b>Information</b></font>
-    <li><a href="News/">News</a> <font color=red><i>2008-08-29</i></font>
+    <li><a href="News/">News</a> <font color=red><i>2009-06-01</i></font>
     <li><a href="about.html">About these pages</a>
     <li><a href="releases.html">Release Notes</a>
     <li><a href="links.html">Useful links</a>
diff --git a/releases.html b/releases.html
index 2b94704..8adbc94 100644
--- a/releases.html
+++ b/releases.html
@@ -27,6 +27,210 @@
 <hr size=1 noshade>

+<h2>Changes between versions 4.3.9 and 4.3.10</h2>
+The command "<tt>emulate <mode> -c ...</tt>" evaluates an expression in a given
+emulation.  The emulation is sticky for functions defined within the
+The variable <tt>CORRECT_IGNORE</tt> gives a pattern that can be ignored
+in spelling correction.  <tt>CORRECT_IGNORE='_*'</tt> ignores completion functions.
+The option <tt>POSIX_ALIASES</tt> improves compatibility of aliases with other
+The variable <tt>ZSH_PATCHLEVEL</tt> can be used to test for unreleased versions of
+the shell; it is present but less useful in released versions.
+The variables <tt>ZLE_REMOVE_SUFFIX_CHARS</tt> and <tt>ZLE_SPACE_SUFFIX_CHARS</tt> allow more
+control over the way automatically removed suffixes are treated in
+<h2>Major changes between versions 4.3.6 and 4.3.9</h2>
+The option <tt>COMBINING_CHARS</tt> has been added.  When it is set, the
+line editor assumes the terminal is capable of displaying zero-width
+combining characters (typically accents) correctly as modifications
+to the base character, and will act accordingly.  Note it is not set
+by default owing to vagaries of terminals.  The system is reported
+to work on MacOS, where this is particularly important as accented
+characters in file names are stored in their decomposed form (i.e.
+with base and combining characters).
+The option <tt>HIST_FCNTL_LOCK</tt> has been added to provide locking of history
+files using the system call <tt>fcntl()</tt>.  On recent NFS implementations this
+may provide better reliability.
+The syntax <tt>~[...]</tt> provides a dynamic form of directory naming,
+supplementing the existing static ~name syntax.  A user-defined shell
+function, zsh_directory_name, is used to handle both expansion of names to
+directories and contraction of directories to names.
+Patterns can now be used in incremental searches with the new widgets
+<tt>history-incremental-pattern-search-backward</tt> and
+<tt>history-incremental-pattern-search-forward</tt>.  These are not bound to
+keys by default.
+Highlighting and colouring of sections of the command line is now
+supported, controlled by the array parameter zle_highlight and the ZLE
+special parameter region_highlight.
+Colouring of prompts is now supported within the shell by prompt
+escapes.  The prompt theme system has been updated.
+Various changes have been added to make debugging of shell code easier:
+<li>As noted in README, the option <tt>DEBUG_BEFORE_CMD</tt> is now set by default.
+<li>In <tt>DEBUG</tt> traps, <tt>$ZSH_DEBUG_CMD</tt> gives the code for which the trap is
+    called as a string.
+<li><tt>"setopt ERR_EXIT"</tt> in a <tt>DEBUG</tt> trap causes the code not to be executed.
+<li><tt>$ZSH_SUBSHELL</tt> indicates the subshell level at which code is being
+    executed.
+<li>The zsh/parameter module has various additional arrays similar to
+    the existing <tt>$funcstack</tt> and <tt>$functrace</tt>, namely <tt>$funcsourcetrace</tt>
+    and <tt>$funcfiletrace</tt>.  The consistency and informativeness of
+    the output of all these arrays has been improved.
+<li>Prompt escapes <tt>%x</tt> and <tt>%I</tt> show the source file and line number in
+    debug prompts (compare <tt>%N</tt> and <tt>%i</tt> which show names and line numbers
+    in the execution environment).
+<li>The option <tt>NO_MULTI_FUNCDEF</tt> can turn off multiple definition of
+    functions at once, a rarely used feature that can cause problems
+    with misplaced "<tt>()</tt>".
+<li>The "<tt>fc</tt>" builtin has been enhanced to make non-interactive use possible
+    and output consistent when the history is manipulated with "<tt>print -s</tt>".
+The completion style accept-exact-dirs has been added.  When true, this
+suppresses attempts to complete non-final directory segments of a filename
+path when the directory exists.  (For example, <tt>/home/pws/src/zsh/&lt;TAB&gt;</tt>
+discovers that <tt>/home/pws/src/zsh</tt> exists and leaves the directory component
+alone, while <tt>/h/p/s/z/&lt;TAB&gt;</tt> completes to <tt>/home/pws/src/zsh/...</tt> as before.)
+This should improve completion behaviour noticeably in special cases, such
+as remote paths under Cygwin.
+<h2>Major changes between versions 4.3.5 and 4.3.6</h2>
+<tt>cd</tt>, <tt>chdir</tt>, <tt>pushd</tt> and <tt>popd</tt> now take a <tt>-q</tt> option to suppress side effects
+including printing the directory stack (for <tt>pushd</tt> and <tt>popd</tt>) and executing
+the <tt>chpwd</tt> hook functions (for all four).
+The parameter subscript (<tt>e</tt>) flag now forces the argument to be treated
+as a string where it would previously have been treated as a pattern,
+for example <tt>${array[(ie)*]}</tt> substitutes the index of the element whose
+value is "<tt>*</tt>".
+<h2>Major changes between versions 4.3.4 and 4.3.5</h2>
+<li>The new extended globbing flag (<tt>#cN,M</tt>) behaves similarly to the extended
+  regular expression syntax <tt>{N,M}</tt>.
+<li>The zsh/datetime module has been enhanced and a calendar function
+  system has been added along the lines of (but much enhanced from)
+  the traditional Unix "calendar" utility.  This is still under
+  development.  See the zshcalsys manual.  (The calendar functions
+  were in 4.3.4 but were not listed in this file.  There have been
+  significant enhancements since 4.3.4.)
+<li>A new module zsh/curses provides a builtin zcurses for access to
+  to the curses screen manipulation package.  See the entry for zsh/curses
+  in the zshmodules manual.
+<li>The module system has been enhanced to support the notion of "features"
+  that give more control over which builtins, parameters, conditions
+  and math functions are loaded from a module.  In particular,
+  "<tt>zmodload -F zsh/stat b:zstat</tt>" makes the builtin previously called
+  "stat" available as "zstat" (only) to avoid clashes with a system
+  command named "stat".
+<h2>Major changes between versions 4.2 and 4.3.4</h2>
+<li>There is support for multibyte character sets.  This is now reasonably
+  close to complete, although Unicode combining characters don't work
+  properly.  See Multibyte Character Support in INSTALL.
+<li>The shell can now run an installation function for a new user
+  (a user with no .zshrc, .zshenv, .zprofile or .zlogin file) without
+  any additional setting up by the administrator.  See "THE ZSH/NEWUSER
+  MODULE" in the zshmodules manual page.
+<li>The manual now has a Roadmap section (manual page zshroadmap) to
+  give new users an indication of the most interesting parts of the
+  manual.
+<li>New option <tt>PROMPT_SP</tt> (on by default): works around the problem that the
+  line editor can overwrite output with no newline at the end.  See the
+  zshoptions manual page.
+<li>New option <tt>HIST_SAVE_BY_COPY</tt> (on by default): history is saved by
+  copying and renaming instead of directly overwriting.  See the
+  zshoptions manual page.
+<li>New redirection syntax e.g. <tt>{myfd}&gt;file</tt> opens a new file descriptor
+  and stores the number in <tt>$myfd</tt>, so that <tt>&gt;&amp;$myfd</tt> will work.  Chosen
+  not to break existing code (and to be compatible with proposals for the
+  Korn shell).  See the section REDIRECTION in the zshmisc manual page.
+<li>Substitutions of the form <tt>${var:-"$@"}</tt>, <tt>${var:+"$@"}</tt> and similar where
+  word-splitting is applied to the text after the :- or :+ (in particular,
+  where the <tt>SH_WORD_SPLIT</tt> option is in effect for compatibility) now
+  behave as in other Bourne- and POSIX-compatible shells when in the
+  appropriate emulation mode.
+<li>New Posix-style zsh-specific tests <tt>[[:IDENT:]]</tt>, <tt>[[:IFS:]]</tt>,
+  <tt>[[:IFSSPACE:]]</tt>, <tt>[[:WORD:]]</tt> test if character can appear in identifier,
+  is an IFS character, is an IFS whitespace character, or is considered
+  as part of a word (is alphanumeric or appears in <tt>$WORDCHARS</tt>).  These
+  works correctly on multibyte characters if the appropriate support
+  is present.  See the section FILENAME GENERATION in the zshexpn
+  manual page.
+<li>Time comparisons on files when sorting or using test operators will
+  use high-resolution timestamps when available.  This gives a
+  resolution of a nanosecond instead of a second.
+<li>The idiom <tt>=(&lt;&lt;&lt;...)</tt> is optimised so that the shell internally turns
+  the ... into the contents of a file whose name is then substituted.
+  The syntax has always been usable by means of the <tt>NULLCMD</tt> feature,
+  but previously it generated an intermediate process; it has now
+  been rewritten along the same lines as the optimisation for <tt>$(&lt;...)</tt>
+  that inserts a file into the command line without the use of an
+  external programme.
+<li>Supplied functions catch and throw provide limited support for
+exception handling using the <tt>`{ ... }</tt> always <tt>{ ... }'</tt> syntax.
+  See the section EXCEPTION HANDLING in the zshcontrib manual page.
+<li>Signals now accept the SIG as part of the name for compatibility with
+  other shells.
+<li>Editor function argument-base allows non-decimal arguments for
+  editor widgets.  See the entry in the zshzle manual page.
+<li>As always, there are many enhancements to completion functions.
 <h2>Changes since zsh version 4.2.0</h2>


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