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Re: zsh: insert-last-word problem after completion

On 2010-04-26 23:38:40 +0100, Peter Stephenson wrote:
> There are two ways to approach this: either have the "&" inserted as
> now, with the space removed, which is the same as if the "&" was typed;
> or fix the suffix when inserting the last word.  The drawback with the
> former (which is what it's currently trying to do, but failing) is that
> replacing the & with earlier words would leave the space before it
> removed, and in most cases that won't be the right thing to do (you'd
> get "my_echofalse" in this case).  So I think the latter is the right
> answer---we know that what we're inserting always functions as a
> complete word, hence fixing the space or whatever makes more sense even
> if in the case of the first last word you happen not to need it.
> This happens to be the simpler fix (though I have an implementation of
> the other one, too).

Thanks, I confirm that this fixes the problem.

> By the way, as an alternative to smart-insert-last-word, what I do is
> have the widget copy-earlier-word bound to ESC = so that I can get
> earlier words from the line to which ESC . has taken me.

FYI, I was using smart-insert-last-word in the past, but it was too
buggy (see the discussion in zsh-users in October 2006). I think that
the problems have been resolved and I can reenable it...

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