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Re: ${(q)...} for newline

Peter Stephenson wrote:
> Param-style simple (i.e. backslash) quoting of a newline appends a real
> newline in double quotes.  It seems to me it would occasion far fewer
> surprises if this never output a literal newline, so this uses $'\n'.

Also, would I be right in thinking this is an accident waiting to

% foo=(one '' three)
% print ${(q)foo}
one three


% printf "%q\n" ''

which uses the same quoting internally is incompatible with what bash
does (it outputs '').  It looks like in both cases (and all explicit
uses of backslash-quoting --- completion is different) empty strings
might be better turned into an explicit ''.

Is there a case where this breaks something?  I can't see one unless
you're explicitly relying on a particular result from quoting, which
seems an unhealthy thing to do.  However, there may be special cases I
haven't thought of (there usually are with quoting).

Peter Stephenson <p.w.stephenson@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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