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zsh doesn't load HISTFILE from readonly directory


if the directory, containing the history file, is not writeable, zsh
doesn't load the data and I've not history. I've no problem that zsh
can't save the file, but I would like to have the history from the file.

% ls -ld /tmp/aaa
dr-xr-xr-x 2 joerg users 80 13. Jun 15:00 /tmp/aaa

% ls -l /tmp/aaa/.z*
-r-------- 1 joerg users 93 13. Jun 15:00 /tmp/aaa/.zhistfile
-rw-r--r-- 1 joerg users 26 13. Jun 15:00 /tmp/aaa/.zshrc

<1,5029>(ibook):~% cat /tmp/aaa/.zhistfile
: 1276430398:1;ls
: 1276430403:0;cd /tmp
: 1276430407:0;ls
: 1276430427:0;exec $ZSH_NAME -$-

% cat /tmp/aaa/.zshrc

With this version, you get the history.

% HOME=/tmp/aaa zsh
ibook% fc -l
    1  ls
    2  cd /tmp
    3  ls
    4  exec $ZSH_NAME -$-
ibook% echo $ZSH_VERSION 

But with this version, the history is empty.

% HOME=/tmp/aaa zsh-beta
ibook% fc -l
    1  fc -l
ibook% echo $ZSH_VERSION 

Regards, JÃrg
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