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zsh 4.3.10 segfaults, bindkey -d related


I have recently been able to reliably crash zsh 4.3.10 (built via
FreeBSD ports on FreeBSD 8.0-STABLE)  Below is a stack dump I've been
able to collect from the core files.  I've been able to replicate the
first one quite easily.  I first enter an incorrect path, and press
<TAB> for completion, then press any key to continue with input and

[gjvc@beaujolais] > cd etc/zhs_

[gjvc@beaujolais] > cd etc/zhs/_
corrections (errors: 1)
zsh/      zsh.old/

and it crashes

#0  0x283ec44a in keybind () from /usr/local/lib/zsh/4.3.10/zsh/zle.so
#1  0x283ec55a in getkeymapcmd () from /usr/local/lib/zsh/4.3.10/zsh/zle.so
#2  0x283ec7c3 in getkeycmd () from /usr/local/lib/zsh/4.3.10/zsh/zle.so
#3  0x2844588b in cleanup_ () from /usr/local/lib/zsh/4.3.10/zsh/complist.so
#4  0x0808dabe in runhookdef ()
#5  0x28421e20 in after_complete () from /usr/local/lib/zsh/4.3.10/zsh/complete.so
#6  0x28403d49 in listlist () from /usr/local/lib/zsh/4.3.10/zsh/zle.so
#7  0x2840563c in expandorcompleteprefix () from /usr/local/lib/zsh/4.3.10/zsh/zle.so
#8  0x283ff710 in completecall () from /usr/local/lib/zsh/4.3.10/zsh/zle.so
#9  0x283f03ba in execzlefunc () from /usr/local/lib/zsh/4.3.10/zsh/zle.so
#10 0x283f063a in zlecore () from /usr/local/lib/zsh/4.3.10/zsh/zle.so
#11 0x283f0c77 in zleread () from /usr/local/lib/zsh/4.3.10/zsh/zle.so
#12 0x283f297b in getbyte () from /usr/local/lib/zsh/4.3.10/zsh/zle.so
#13 0x0807b7e8 in zleentry ()
#14 0x0807edd1 in ingetc ()
#15 0x0807a407 in casemodify ()
#16 0x08085ba6 in zshlex ()
#17 0x080a2339 in parse_event ()
#18 0x0807d569 in loop ()
#19 0x0807e33e in zsh_main ()
#20 0x08052f62 in main ()

I've tracked this down to the presence of 

    bindkey -d  # delete all existing keymaps and reset to the default state

in my zsh startup files -- if I comment out 'bindkey -d', zsh doesn't
crash.  Hope this helps someone!



George Cox

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