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Re: segfault on menu-select

On Aug 12,  4:53pm, Frank Terbeck wrote:
} Subject: Re: segfault on menu-select
} Philipp Hartwig wrote:
} > I have the line following line in my .zshrc:
} >> bindkey '^o' menu-select
} > The following sequence of keys will make zsh crash, provided that 
} > "gre<tab>" completes to "grep " on your system:
} > $ gre<tab><ctrl-o>
} [...]
} > I'd love to be of further assistance in tracking down what is going on 
} > in case the information I provided is not sufficient.
} Can you reproduce this using CVS HEAD? Because I cannot from zsh -f

I can't reproduce either, which makes me suspect it has something to do
with either multibyte character sets (Philipp, what's your $LANG ?) or
a specific zstyle.

At that point in completion _grep "knows" that a pattern is expected
and does nothing unless you have configured your styles to display the

schaefer<504> grep
Completing pattern

which comes from my style

zstyle ':completion:*' format '%SCompleting %U%d%u%s'

Philipp, do you use anything like that?


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