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Re: segfault on menu-select

Philipp Hartwig wrote:
>> Still. Can you reproduce this with CVS HEAD?
> Building this was not so easy. Installing the man pages (and hence a
> normal make install) still fails, but make, make check, make
> install.bin, make install.modules were successful and yes, I can
> reproduce the issue. Still not with zsh -f of course, but with the
> minimal .zshrc from before.

To generate the manuals, you need the `yodl' package.

>> If it's reproducible with CVS HEAD, it would be good to create a debug
>> build and fetch a back trace from the core file.
> Sorry, I don't know what that means but I'll be happy to follow any
> instructions.

From a fresh checkout, here's what I usually do:

% ./Util/preconfig
% /configure  --enable-cap --enable-function-subdirs \
              --enable-largefile --enable-maildir-support \
              --enable-multibyte --enable-pcre --enable-zsh-debug
% make
% su
# make install

Then when you've crashed the application, you can load the core file
together with the program's binary and use the "bt full" command to
produce a backtrace.

To put the backtrace to a file, the following oneliner works:

% gdb -c core /usr/local/bin/zsh <<< $'bt full\nquit\n' > backtrace.txt

Where `core' is the core file and `/usr/local/bin/zsh' being the
installed zsh binary which you just crashed.

The backtrace will only be useful if the zsh binary is from a debugging

Regards, Frank

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