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Re: have '&' automatically disown?

On Sep 2, 10:57am, Greg Klanderman wrote:
} Would it make sense to auto-disown if both nomonitor and nohup are set?

After thinking about this for a while, the answer I get is "almost."

The remaining difference between "disown" and "unsetopt hup monitor" is
whether the job appears in the output of "jobs" (and, by extension, in
the $jobstates et al. variables).  Well, OK, strictly speaking there is
also the difference of what ancestor reaps the child when it finally
does exit, but that's almost invisible to an interactive shell user.

Nevertheless, one might still wish to have access to the job's state
and PID even if the only way to control it is with "kill".

I'm concluding that the only reasonable way to auto-disown, other than
the precmd hook solutions offered on zsh-users, is with a new option.
There are too many side-effects of disowning to add that semantics to
any existing set of options.

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