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Re: avoid $status and $options in POSIX mode

On Sep 18, 12:25am, Bart Schaefer wrote:
} I'm not entirely sure there aren't side effects of [the proposed
} autoconf/posixshell module] making the global parameter scope deeper

The worst effect I've found is that loading the module from inside a
function makes it appear that function scope has never ended.  This
means the module must refuse to load except at top level, or at least
behave differently in a function.

Misc. mostly harmless things ...

- An extra prompt is printed after "exit" when interactive
- The warn_create_global option reports all undeclared parameters
- Pushed history with "fc -a -p" is popped on module unload (feature!)
- Diagnostics print line numbers as if in a function body

} Oh, a fairly large omission at this point is that it doesn't disable
} autoloads from other modules, so this does not yet solve the problem
} of $options manifesting itself.

The most obvious solution to this seems to be to walk the parameter
table looking for PM_AUTOLOAD and mask any parameter that has it.
Anyone have better suggestions?


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