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Re: `Recent Directories' not included in the man pages?

Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> On Sep 19,  7:18pm, ( Text in unknown character set UTF-8 not shown ) wrote:
> }
> } today I recompiled my Zsh after some time and wanted to read the docs
> } about the new cdr function etc., but it seems like the whole section is
> } only included in zsh.texi, but not in the man pages...
> "make all" at the top level should recurse into the Doc subdirectory and
> build the manual pages.  Depending on your $MANPATH, you might also need
> to "make install.man" to have the pages become visible.

Indeed, `make install.man' did it... thanks! Still, it's strange -- I
would expect `make' and `make install' to do the right thing, which they
obviously didn't for me (although I checked the man pages after `make'
and `make install' and their modification time indicated that they were
newly generated, neither those in the respository nor those installed in
my man directories contained the new section. Only `make install.man'
seems to have actually regenerated the manual pages).

Thank you and sorry for the noise


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