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Re: (bug report) Starting zsh takes ~5 seconds with the latest commits after 20th of September with big history file

On Sun, 26 Sep 2010, Bart Schaefer wrote:

I was somewhat concerned that this was going to happen. This must be because of zsh-workers/28295 (use lexer to split words from history).

The logging-off part is actually of more concern, it's probably because you are sharing history and/or have some of the duplicate-suppression options set.

Probably the right thing to do is:

(1) have an option for the new behavior (HIST_LEX_WORDS ?);

(2) implicitly turn that option off on the way through shell exit, so
   history rewrites/comparisons use faster processing.

Not that confirmation was needed, but yes, that's the commit that did it:

$ git tag workers-28295 5ca08ec

# see git-build-zsh script below...

$ git build-zsh workers-28295~1
$ time /tmp/zsh-git-workers-28295\~1/bin/zsh -i =(print -l exit) > /dev/null
[...] 1.224 total

$ git build-zsh workers-28295
$ time /tmp/zsh-git-workers-28295/bin/zsh -i =(print -l exit) > /dev/null
[...] 5.108 total

Personally, I don't think I'd ever turn on a HIST_LEX_WORDS option. (As mentioned in the other thread, I was just glad there was a simple explanation for the seemingly buggy behavior.)

Starting to regret noticing the problem in the first place. :-\

On the other hand it might be yet-another kick in the pants I need to start hacking a DB-based history mechanism.

[The first kick:]

I like to keep my entire history (HISTSIZE=50000000, SAVEHIST=$HISTSIZE, setopt extended_history). But, occasionally I'll let my home dir partition fill up (usually from forgetting that I have a Wireshark instance up in the background, slowly chewing up disk space). After I clear out some space, the entire history file gets its timestamps reset to the current time. I check it in to git daily, but still, it's frustrating to lose any history.


==> git-build-zsh <==

die () { echo "\e[31m"$argv"\e[0m" ; exit 1 }
(( $#argv )) || die "Usage: $0 revision"

TRAPZERR () { die "Failed: $last_cmd" }
	print -n "\e]2;$last_cmd - $script $rev\a"

git co $rev
./configure --prefix=/tmp/zsh-git-$rev --enable-multibyte
make -j5
make install

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