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Failure to build zshguide

Not sure why it suddenly happens (neither zshguide nor yodl have
changed since last time package was rebuilt) but now I get:

+ mkdir -p docroot/Zsh_Guide
+ tar xzf /home/bor/cooker/zsh/SOURCES/zshguide.tar.gz -C docroot/Zsh_Guide
+ cd docroot/Zsh_Guide/zshguide/
+ make
yodl2html zshguide.yo
Yodl2html 1.31.18
Yodl is processing a(n) book
Document title: A User's Guide to the Z-Shell
Yodl: including file c1
c1.yo: 250: whenhtml
c1.yo: 250: end of parlist cannot be found, eof encountered
start of scanned parlist at line 54
c1.yo: 250: last parsed symbol: `<empty>'
yodl indicates failure!

c1.yo defines list as


According to yodl man, dit() stands for "descriptive itemized list"
and requires an argument; replacing all of this with simple itemized
list (startit()/it()/endit()) alllows it to build.

Anyone else sees it? What is rather puzzling that neither zsh SRPM nor
yodl were changed.

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