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Re: Git completion slowness

On Fri, Dec 10, 2010 at 12:07, Frank Terbeck <ft@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> We've heard people complaining about _git performance on IRC for a while
> now. I have started to rewrite the _git file related completions some
> time ago, but have since been swamped at work. So that has slowed down
> to a halt.
> I'll attach the code to this mail though; maybe it'll be useful to
> someone (search for "Git file listing helpers" to find the helper
> functions). It doesn't have a helper for pathspecs yet, which the
> git-checkout completion (and others) may need.
> Also, it's something I experimented with for only a short while. The
> completions did work for me in my limited set of use-cases - they are
> probably not perfect, yet. But they scaled well even on huge
> repositories with many *many* files (like the linux kernel's git
> repository).

> Cc:ing Nikolai, too.

Iâve been rewriting _git for a while now.  Iâve updated all the Main
Porcelain Commands.  Iâm currently stuck on something as unimportant
as git-config, but I want to get everything right and Iâm doing it all
in man page order.  Iâll hopefully have a delayed Christmas gift for
you all at the beginning of 2011.  Iâll take a look at your changes
and integrate them if they are still applicable.

My main problem right now is that Iâm working off of the Debian Zsh
Git repository where I donât have write permissions.  Iâd like to set
up a Zsh Git repository at GitHub so that I can more easily distribute
my changes, but I havenât had time to look into setting this up.
Perhaps someone can explain how you set up a CVS-to-Git mirror on

Iâll also try to set up zstyles to the effect of allowing you to
disable potentially costly completions.

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