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bug: DIR/*<tab> expansion doesn't work with directories with apostrophe in the name

The zsh FAQ states that this is the address for reporting zsh bugs. As
a Ubuntu user I've reported this bug in launchpad, but I'm not
convinced that launchpad developers forward their bugs upstream, so
I'm Cc'ing it here. Please ignore if it has already been reported.

When the directory contains a single quote (apostrophe) in its name,
pressing the tab key to expand dir/* into a list of files no longer
works. What happens instead is that the tab key doesn't do anything
while cursor is inside the dir/* word.

This worked as expected in previous versions of zsh. In zsh 4.3.10
(specifically 4.3.10-14ubuntu1, Ubuntu maverick) it works only for
directories without apostrophes in the name. I discovered it while
trying to choose mp3s to queue in a music player, with the mp3s
residing in a directory with apostrophe in the name.

Here is a recipe to repeat the bug:

$ zsh -f
mulj% mkdir "a'b"
mulj% touch "a'b"/{1,2,3}
mulj% ls a\'b/* # press TAB with cursor immediately after the *, nothing happens
# pressing enter correctly executes the (expanded) command:
a'b/1 a'b/2 a'b/3
mulj% mv a\'b ab
mulj% ls ab/* # now pressing TAB with cursor immediately after the * correctly
                    # expands ab/* to ab/1 ab/2 ab/3
mulj% ls ab/1 ab/2 ab/3

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