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Re: patch to make $TERMINFO special

On Mon, May 09, 2011 at 12:16:53PM +0100, Peter Stephenson wrote:

> I don't see an obvious problem with the basic idea.  What you're
> supposed to do is assign a value (including the same value) to TERM
> after setting TERMINFO, as documented in the manual, but maybe it could
> be more natural.

Argh.  I completely neglected to look for that.

> Slightly superstitiously, I'd quite like to keep the TERMINFO code
> similar to the TERM code

That was my original intent, but it I couldn't get it to work without the
addenv() call, and having the extra internal variable seemed like it was
more code than was really needed.

> > I'm guessing that the addenv() call isn't necessary, but I can't figure
> > out how it ought to work.
> What problem is the addenv() call trying to fix?

It didn't actually seem that TERMINFO was being set in my shell if I didn't
do that.  In fact, I got the message

    can't find terminal definition for xterm-256color

when I change $TERMINFO, and I get that with your patch as well.  It also
just doesn't work -- colors are wrong, tput colors comes back empty, as
does echoti colors, and the terminal handling is absolutely awful, just as
if nothing had happened.


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