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Re: nits with new _git

Also noticed now, some options that take numbers just show '-M' as the
description instead of the actual string. For example git tag -n <tab>
and git fast-export --progress=<tab>, while git config
gui.blamehistoryctx <tab> properly shows 'number of days'.

On 14 May 2011 03:28, Mikael Magnusson <mikachu@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Now that pws fixed the crash, I'm updating to the new _git, so far
> I've noticed these two things.
> git log --pret<tab> goes into correction, same for git show.
> % git log --pretty=
> ---- option
> --pretty  -- pretty print commit messages
> ---- corrections (errors: 2)
> --grep    -- limit commits to those with log messages matching the given pattern
> --pretty  -- pretty print commit messages
> Usually this would hint at some missing ret=0 somewhere, but I
> couldn't find any. Unconditionally returning 0 from _git does 'fix' it
> though, so it must be somewhere.
> The other thing is that git branch -d -r <tab> doesn't complete remote branches.
> --
> Mikael Magnusson

Mikael Magnusson

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