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Re: Debian bug triage

Richard Hartmann wrote:
> I am doing a bit or triage atm and was wondering if it would be OK to
> simply compile a list of still-valid bugs and dump the URLs on this
> list. The bug reports would already contain anything needed to
> reproduce. It would save work on my, and presumably your, side to keep
> the details in the reports and not copy & reformat them here.

FWIW, about a year ago, I compiled a list like that for debian's pkg-zsh


Since it's a year old, some of the bugs have been dealt with. But many
have not because frankly, spare time didn't permit it.

I sorted the outstanding bugs into a few categories with increasing
toughness and my two cents to each of them.

That list should be a decent start.

Most work is actually to identify which bugs are really legitimate bugs
still. Some may be fixed (I tried to sort them out at the time), some
maybe PEBCAK and others may be misunderstandings of zsh workings.

Anyway, I figured I'd mention that list, so you don't have to start with
nothing, if you're really planning to burn through all of those. At
least when I was done, I wasn't too keen on following up on my own
findings, because it took forever to get the list ready in the first
place. Maybe you can take this a little further. :-)

Regards, Frank

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