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Re: [PATCH] Add _gradle for gradle and gradlew completion.

2012/3/24 Mikael Magnusson <mikachu@xxxxxxxxx>:
> You're defining a single function with the same name as the autoloaded
> function, and then calling it, that serves no purpose so you can just
> remove that indirection.

Good call. I'll just remove it.

> You could move the _gradle_caching_policy to
> the toplevel and then this pattern would make sense. (There's no
> namespaces for functions, so even though you define it inside _gradle
> now, it stays around after _gradle returns.)

I did know that functions are global, but I must define the function
where I do, because I can only set it once I know what build file is
to be parsed, i.e. the $build_file is a local variable, but the
_gradle_caching_policy needs to know its value. In some other
languages, I would call this a closure.

> zstyle -T ":completion:*:*:$service:*" gradle-inspect || gradle_inspect=no
> can probably be
> zstyle -b ":completion:*:*:$service:*" gradle-inspect gradle_inspect
> but I didn't test. :)

Unless I misunderstand something, this doesn't seem to work as I'd
like it to. It works if the style is set, but I want the
gradle_inspect variable to default to be true if the gradle-inspect
style is unset, and this doesn't seem to happen with your suggestion.

> You need to quote the ? in -?,-h,--help. (The completion system sets
> the nullglob option, so the whole argument just disappears without
> errors).

Thanks, I had overlooked that one.

> Other than that it looks pretty good to me.

Great. I'll submit a new patch tomorrow, unless I have any other
errors pointed out by you or someone else.

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