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buggy completion for zsh [TAB]

ypig% autoload -U compinit
ypig% compinit
ypig% touch foobar

ypig% zsh [TAB]
shows all the files in the working directory.

ypig% zsh foo[TAB]
foo.html                               foomatic-cleanupdrivers
foo2hiperc                             foomatic-combo-xml
foo2hiperc-wrapper                     foomatic-compiledb
foo2hp                                 foomatic-configure
foo2hp2600-wrapper                     foomatic-datafile
foo2lava                               foomatic-extract-text
foo2lava-wrapper                       foomatic-fix-xml
foo2oak                                foomatic-getpjloptions
foo2oak-wrapper                        foomatic-kitload
foo2qpdl                               foomatic-nonumericalids
foo2qpdl-wrapper                       foomatic-perl-data
foo2slx                                foomatic-ppd-options
foo2slx-wrapper                        foomatic-ppd-to-xml
foo2xqx                                foomatic-ppdfile
foo2xqx-wrapper                        foomatic-preferred-driver
foo2zjs                                foomatic-printermap-to-gutenprint-xml
foo2zjs-icc2ps                         foomatic-printjob
foo2zjs-pstops                         foomatic-replaceoldprinterids
foo2zjs-wrapper                        foomatic-rip
foobar                                 foomatic-searchprinter

ypig% zsh foob[TAB]

which is not expected when the completion is unique.

If any case, following [TAB]'s have no effect.

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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author