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Re: PATCH: NEWS updated for 5.0.

On Apr 13, 11:14pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} +- The zshroadmap manual page provides a slightly more helpful
} +  introduction to the shell manual than was available hitherto.

"Hitherto"?  No worries about talking over the audience's head, I
guess. :-)

} +- The parameter expansion flag (D) abbreviates directories in parameters
} +  using the familiary ~ form.

Unless Tilde is the name of your housekeeper, you mean familiar.

} +- The parameter subscript flag (e) forces the argument to be treated
} +  as a string, never a pattern, e.g. ${array[(ie)*]} looks for the
} +  index of the array element containing the literal string "*".

Wow, is that really new since 4.2 ?

} +- New prompt escapes:
} +  %x and %I show source file and line number, usefil
} +    in $PS4 (the existing %N and %i show names and lines in the execution
} +    environment rather than the source file).

Why the strange line lengths?  Also, "useful".

} +  KEYBOARD_HACK defines characters to be ignored if typed unmatched at
} +    the end of the line (an extension of the SUN_KEYBOARD_HACK option).

I believe it's still the case that touching SUN_KEYBOARD_HACK will clobber
the value of KEYBOARD_HACK.  This is the case no matter what value the
option has to start with, and even clobbers the global parameter if a shell
function sets or unsets SUN_KEYBOARD_HACK, in spite of LOCAL_OPTIONS.

} +  ZSH_PATCHLEVEL provides a unique indication of the code compiled to
} +    make the shell even between releases.

Comma after "shell"?  The shell is not being made even (or odd).

} +  ZSH_SUBSHELL indicates the subshell live, incremented once per fork, at
} +    which the code is being run.


} +  HASH_EXECUTABLES_ONLY: don't insert non-executable files into the
} +    command hash used e.g. by completion.  This may be very slow
} +    on network paths.

This could be misinterpreted as advice that you *should* set the option
when you have network paths, but I'm having a hard time rewording it.
"Setting this option may slow down shell startup if there are networked
directories in the path." ??

} +  MULTI_FUNCDEF (on by default): "foo bar () { ... }" defines two
} +    functions.  This is often found to be confusing and bug-prone.

... so you may want to unset this.

} +- The undo widget takes an argument, a previuos value of $UNDO_CHANGE_NO.


That's all I saw.  Thanks for writing this up.

Barton E. Schaefer

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