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On Apr 23,  4:27pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} What's the right thing to do?  There are various grades ranging from
} making it compilable out, through making it compile-time configurable
} with an option to compile out, through making it an option to have the
} check turned on, to having a variable that we check using getiparam()
} each time, to having a special variable so that we don't need to get it
} each time.  I think the last option with a clearly named variable such
} as ZSH_MAX_ARRAY_LENGTH that can be set to 0 to turn it off is probably
} the best.

I think something based on one of the process limits would be good.
Maybe combined with stashing it in a variable that can be modified.
Maybe even putting that variable in a module so it's not visible in a
barebones shell.

datasize, stacksize, and addressspace are all candidates for how to
figure out the limit.  (Do we ever allocate arrays for zsh parameter
expansion on the stack?)

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author