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Re: Keybindings lost in Xterm after top exits

On May 30, 12:40am, Edgar Merino wrote:
}      I mean, I've got keybindings to fix my home/end keys, also to use 
} up-line-or-search/down-line-or-search with up/bottom keys, these 
} keybindings are lost when I exit the "top" command line utility, and 
} this happens only when using xterm.

This probably means that top is switching the "keypad transmit mode"
setting of the terminal and then leaving it in a different state than
when it began.  This could either be because of a bug (top sets the
state to X at startup and never restores it) or because your terminal
starts out in state X but top resets it to Y at exit anyway.

The manual page for xterm may refer to keypad transmit mode as "the
application keypad mode".  Try this:

Use ctrl-middle-button to bring up the "VT options" menu and examine
the state of the checkmarks for "enable application cursor keys" and
"enable application keypad".

Run top and exit, then look at the state of the menu again.  If those
checkmarks have changed, that's your problem.

You have a couple of choices here:

Use that menu to reset the terminal every time you run top; or

Make sure your keybindings are set the same way for both "normal mode"
and "keypad transmit mode" so zsh doesn't care what top does; or

Create a wrapper function for top that explicitly sets the mode to
the one your bindings expect, after top finishes.

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