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Re: 4.3.17 unset RPS1 vs RPROMPT

On Jun 29,  2:40am, Phil Pennock wrote:
} Is it expected that RPROMPT and RPS1 can be decoupled in this way?

I suspect that's an unexpected side-effect from a change made quite
some time ago to limit the "special"-ness of assorted variables, for
compatibility with emulated shells for which those variables don't
have a pre-existing definition.

} Is there a correct way to clear the prompt, other than *always* having
} to do "unset RPROMPT RPS1" because one or the other may have become
} decoupled?

Assign the empty string to either one of them instead?

The way to fix this would be to create a new GSU structure that calls a
set of function to link them, and change their IPDEF* declaration in
Src/params.c to use that GSU, probably by moving them from IPDEF7 to
IPDEF5 (now that IPDEF5 has been repaired to work correctly).

(For those wondering, IPDEF6 was a single-use macro for PWD which was
removed because PWD is no longer a special variable at all.)

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