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zcurses version of tetris


I noticed we don't ship any contrib and/or example scripts using the
zcurses module, and also that the builtin tetris is sort of boring, so
I figured I'd port it to curses. It works pretty well, but I noticed
two problems with the zcurses module in the process:
1. the HAVE_USE_DEFAULT_COLORS define seems to never be defined?
2a. resizing the window causes 'zcurses input' to wait forever for a
key, even with a timeout defined.
2b. resizing the window doesn't cause an event while running the
program, but if i resize before starting(?) i get an event RESIZE on
my first input call.

Here's the current version if anyone wants to take a look,
and in case i'm fiddling around with it, the version when I sent this
mail, http://mika.l3ib.org/code/tetriscurses-1

Mikael Magnusson

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author