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Re: zsh 5.0.0 released, finally

On Wed, Jul 25, 2012 at 10:13:56AM +0100, Peter Stephenson wrote:
>> While generating intro.pdf I noticed a problem. It seems like
>> pdfroff -ms $(sdir)/intro.ms >intro.pdf creates a PDF which
>> contains the data twice. For the website I used roff2ps and then
>> ps2pdf, but I'm not sure if that's the best way. Is this just a
>> issue with my pdfroff or a general problem?
> It appears to be a general problem.  I remember playing with a
> workaround but I don't think I got to the point of anything useful.

Should we switch to the roff2ps & ps2pdf approach for the
Doc/Makefile? Then we won't ship the doubled PDF in the doc
package. The website needs a4 and us-letter (and their PS
versions), so maybe something like this:

    roff2ps -ms -P-pa4 < intro.ms > intro.a4.ps && ps2pdf intro.a4.ps
    roff2ps -ms -P-pletter < intro.ms > intro.us.ps && ps2pdf intro.us.ps

>> Are the texinfo sources for intro.ms available (the link on the
>> website doesn't work anymore) or is there another way to create
>> HTML from intro.ms (roff2html doesn't really work)?
> I think intro.ms has been edited in that form.  The original source is
> lost to history (or we wouldn't be carrying round a .ms file at all).

Is it possible to create HTML files from a roff file? My attempts
with roff2html failed.

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