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Re: vcs_info on a hg repository with a git subrepository; actionformats works ok, formats does not

Frank Terbeck wrote:
>> 1) Alter the hg backend to work without the full 40-char hash.
>> The ``hg id`` command will always return a unique hash. The only thing
>> the full hash is being used for in the hg backend is comparisons with
>> MQ patches and that can be changed to be a left-match instead. We can
>> document why the full hash isn't available and if users are expecting
>> 40-chars we can give an example of how to pad the value with spaces.
>> This changes existing behavior.
>> FWIW, my personal preference is the first option as I feel the 40-char
>> hash is rarely desired or useful in a shell prompt.

After some thought, I agree. Relying on debugging features to remain
stable is not a good idea. Seth: Are you willing to send a patch?

Regards, Frank

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author