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Re: Completion collision, best way to fix

On Sep 28, 11:33am, Baptiste Daroussin wrote:
} I want to add the completion function to the main zsh git but I face
} the problems:
} The right place for it would be Completion/BSD/Command, but if I put
} it there it will hide the Completion/Solaris/Command/_pkg5 has they
} both define #compdef pkg
} Is there a nice way to deal with this situation?

Theoretically, you ignore it and put the completion in BSD/Command/.
It's not the only such conflict.

The reason there are separate directories BSD/ and Solaris/ and so on
is to permit the person doing the install on one of those systems to
include or omit only the appropriate subset of completions -- or to
permit the user to omit the irrelevant ones from $fpath, if the
installer configured with --enable-function-subdirs (the default).

In practice I'm not sure any of the distribution package maintainers 
actually take the step of removing the "irrelevant" functions from the
tree; maybe some change the default fpath in /etc/zshrc or the like.

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