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Re: Access to CVS

Phil Pennock wrote:
> (zsh is about the only thing I still use CVS for; FWIW, if folks do ever
>  decide to switch, I don't much care which DVCS is chosen (git, hg,
>  whatever) but would appreciate such a switch.  Any hope of the git
>  mirror becoming the official master repo?)

I gather that the current status is that we just need a git expert
willing to take the lead on that.

There's also a couple of things that need sorting out:

Associating commits to mailing list numbers. This amounts to using git
notes (see workers/30123) so probably just needs a clear convention.
Perhaps we could use a hook script to enforce it on the master 

Generating the patch level some other way. Using the git hash (or
first eight characters of it) would be easy enough but you would lose
the ability to compare patch levels and assert which is newer or
older. I don't think there is much we can do about that. While git
sort-of supports $Id$ style strings it seems that isn't what we should
do. For some ideas on what git people appear to recommend, see:

Does anyone have any idea whether sourceforge makes it easy for an
individual to publish forked/cloned git repositories in the manner of
github or bitbucket? Or is it better to just keep development
branches/threads in the main repository.


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