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Tag troubles in git mirror

Hey there,

I've been informed, that we had slight problems with the tag for the
5.0.1 release. Accidentally, the release was tagged as zsh-5.0.0 and
that tag propagated into the git mirror.

The problem is, that there already was a tag that went by that name and
so the mirroring software decided to _remove_ the old one and import the
new one.

If you didn't pull from the git repository within the past 48 hours, you
can lean back right now, because Wayne already patched things up again.
If you did, then you might have to remove the erroneous tag manually and
then pull again the get the fixed one back:

 % git tag -d zsh-5.0.0
 % git pull
 From git://zsh.git.sf.net/gitroot/zsh/zsh
  * [new tag]         zsh-5.0.0  -> zsh-5.0.0
If you'd like to check the tags should point to the following commits:

  zsh-5.0.0   =>   e27142d45686cacc6ed155e5045b97dd6243d44c
  zsh-5.0.1   =>   a9feb3b28acae7e27fdd9a4337192d6c0bc84a13

(You can check by running "git show zsh-5.0.0", for example.)

Regards, Frank

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nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.
                                                  -- RFC 1925

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