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Command substitution parsing issues (not really Re: completion)

On Jan 16,  4:19pm, Ray Andrews wrote:
}      $ ln -svf zsh-5.0.7-175-./Src/zsh: symbol lookup error: 
} /usr/local/lib/zsh/5.0.7-dev-0/zsh/zle.so: undefined symbol: lexsave

You need to re-install the shared object files.  The symbols have in
fact changed, you're loading a .so from a previous build.

In fact if you're going to live on the bleeding edge of git pull, you
should have a separate shared-object directory for every build.

However, the latest change has NOT fixed things for me.  I still get:

schaefer<501> echo ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ$(ls)
Completing all expansions
Completing original

And history recall screws up with aliases:

schaefer<501> echo $(ls)        
Config/ config.modules config.status* Etc/ Src/ config.h config.modules.local
core.28047 foo/ stamp-h config.log config.modules.sh Doc/ Makefile Test/
schaefer<502> echo $(lsls -CF)

Perhaps the alias is why I'm getting the ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ text as well.  Let's
see ...  yes, that's the problem:

schaefer<502> unalias ls
schaefer<503> echo Config/
Completing expansions
Config                Test                  config.modules.sh   
Doc                   config.h              config.status       
Etc                   config.log            core.28047          
foo                   config.modules        Makefile            
Src                   config.modules.local  stamp-h             
Completing all expansions
Config config.h config.log config.modules config.modules.local config.modul ...
Completing original

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