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Re: Anyone want to help make zsh/db/gdbm work?

23.01.2015, 09:00, "Bart Schaefer" <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> On Jan 23,  8:37am, ZyX wrote:
> }
> } It looks like if you forgot to `git add` Doc/Zsh/mod_db_gdbm.yo. I do
> } not see it in the patch, only a small reference here.
> Thanks.  (Though it would be nice if you actually trimmed out some of
> the quoted context instead of just sticking a single sentence deep in the
> middle of it.)
> Actually what I didn't realize was that one has to diff against
> origin/master for new files, rather than against the local master.

I have run into this problem a few times: by default git diffs against index (not the current revision) and when you do `git add` then file is added to the index as a whole making just `git diff` not present it. I believe this is why `git add` has `--intent-to-add` option that just adds path with an empty contents so that after `git add --intent-to-add path` `git diff` will show the full diff. I prefer to use my aurum Vim plugin though: it tries to work as if git had no index and always diffs against HEAD or some revision, mainly because it was originally developed for mercurial and I wanted uniform interface.

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