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Re: A05 Test Hang

On Jan 25,  4:28pm, Vin Shelton wrote:
} With latest sources, I'm getting a hang up on A05:

Yes, this used to happen intermittently for me but with the latest
revision from git it now happens very consistently for me.

I have one shell stopped (job state "T", as if it got SIGTTOU or SIGTTIN)

#1  0x00000000004a5225 in settyinfo (ti=0x7fff15c1ecc0) at utils.c:1626
#2  0x00000000004a654b in read_poll (fd=0, readchar=0x7fff15c1ef78, polltty=1, 
    microseconds=5000000) at utils.c:2332
#3  0x0000000000423efb in bin_read (name=0x2b528371bbb8 "read", 

And its child stopped here:

#0  0x00002b5282b0de70 in __close_nocancel ()
    at ../sysdeps/unix/syscall-template.S:82
#1  0x000000000042d92a in execpline2 (state=0x7fff15c1ff70, pcode=355, how=2, 
    input=0, output=0, last1=0) at exec.c:1748
#2  0x000000000042c87a in execpline (state=0x7fff15c1ff70, slcode=22530, 
    how=2, last1=0) at exec.c:1485
#3  0x000000000042bf38 in execlist (state=0x7fff15c1ff70, dont_change_job=1, 
    exiting=0) at exec.c:1268
#4  0x000000000042b95a in execode (p=0x2b528371b630, dont_change_job=1, 
    exiting=0, context=0x4b061f "eval") at exec.c:1074

If I back out the changes to polltty handling in read_poll() from 34365
(git commit 4688de16772beffc315bbf765475a2932cbd8628) it works again.

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