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Re: completion problem with '291' ok with '274'.

On Feb 10,  2:36pm, Ray Andrews wrote:
}     $ /usr/local/bin<< change to where all my builds are.
}     zsh-5.0.7-291-gda86d6b  << most recent build here.
}     $ ./zsh<TAB>  << no luck

Mind telling us whether this is "zsh -f" and/or if you've run compinit
and/or what zstyles are in play?

}     $ ./zsh<TAB> << no luck

Chances are both of these are because there actually is a binary named
"zsh" in the current directory, so it's the first possible completion.

}     $ ./zsh<TAB>-5.0.7-<TAB> ... << ok 3d time, but it was as likely to
}     crash the xterm.

FYI "crash the xterm" is not really what happens.  More likely zsh has
crashed and the xterm simply exited because the only process that it
was running has exited.  Try using "xterm -hold" so the window stays
open until explicitly closed, then you'll be able to see any error
messages that are generated.  If the xterm goes away even with -hold,
then you actually are somehow killing the xterm rather than zsh and
the problem isn't ours ...

} ... no completion problems with '274'. I went back and forth between 
} '291' and '274' and every time '291' was unstable completing, whereas 
} '274' was fine. Most often '291' caused the xterm to crash.

Could be related to workers/34485, but you may not have directory write
permission to drop a core file in /usr/local/bin so you'll have to run
from inside gdb to get a stack trace.

I can't repro with zsh-5.0.7-293-g0209635 but it's doubtful anything in
between would have fixed a completion crash.

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