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Re: prexec never gets empty string?

Sorry, I meant "minus one from the normal event count" in my
half-baked example.

On Mon, Feb 16, 2015 at 9:11 AM, Derek Gleim <mail@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I understood the real intent of preexec, I hoped I could use it as part of
> some work-around for my real goal: to /detect/ when a command was (or, is
> about to be, seems to be the more accurate way of putting it?) ignored from
> history.  Something like "if preexex sees an command destined to be
> ignored by
> history, add one to the normal event count".  Just to re-cap, I thought I
> could because of this bit in the manual:
> > If the history mechanism is active (and the line was not discarded from
> the
> > history buffer), the string that the user typed is passed as the first
> > argument, otherwise it is an empty string.
> An impression that was reinforced for me when I also found the first post
> Mikael cited:
> > when the current command is discarded from the history (as is often the
> case
> > when the user is ignoring functions, history commands, and/or lines that
> > start with a space) ... so I decided to set the first parameter to an
> empty
> > string when this happens.
> ... But, I missed the second post linked talking about leaving it off.  So,
> thanks, not a bug, looks like the docs just need an update (21 days in
> 2001,
> ha!).
> As an aside, I'd still like to be able to get the prompt expansion `%!` to
> always show the number to be assigned to the next command...
>     % PROMPT='%! >' zsh --no-rcs --histignorespace
>     1 > true ignore me
>     2 >this command will really be event 1
>     2 >
> ... maybe it's just me, but it trips me up sometimes (and histnostore has
> the
> same behavior).  But, looks like re-purposing preexec is a dead-end.

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