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Re: Bug: ZSH crashes upon receiving SIGINT

Hi folks,

I was able to set up an Arch Linux instance that can consistently reproduce this issue. It's on a public-facing server, so if having access to work with this directly would help you debug it, send me a direct email with a desired username and public SSH key and I'll set you up with an account.

To set up a server to reproduce the issue:
Start with a fresh Arch Linux installation, and then:

pacman -Syy
pacman -S zsh arch-install-scripts
mkdir -p /chroots/mini
pacstrap -d -i /chroots/mini base zsh

Then to make the breakage happen:

arch-chroot /chroots/mini /bin/zsh

Wait for the prompt and hit Ctrl-C. It'll immediately produce those umount and input error messages.

After you get errors from this, your mount table will be in an unclean state and subsequent arch-chroot calls will fail. To clean up manually so you can arch-chroot again:

umount /chroots/mini/dev/pts
umount /chroots/mini/dev


On 3/11/15 7:47 PM, John wrote:
Actually Peter wants you to run the zmodload and print from here inside the chroot, not from outside it.


Running it from within the chroot gives the opposite output.  I googled for how I can toggle this parameter but didn't find a good answer.  Please advise.

# zmodload zsh/parameter
# print $options[MONITOR]

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