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Re: Prompt redrawing issues with wrapped prompt on SIGWINCH

On Apr 18, 11:30pm, Daniel Hahler wrote:
} > Doesn't happen to me with xterm, but it sends multiple SIGWINCH rather
} > than wait for the final size of the window.
} In xterm I only see a single SIGWINCH (via TRAPWINCH).

Must be window-manager dependent, then.

} > } SIGWINCH before reflowing/rewrapping the text, or something similar?
} Could it emit/forward the signal, and only redraw after it has been
} processed by the shell?
} Or would the shell have to answer / re-emit the signal for this to work?

The shell and the emulator would have to deliberately synchronize
somehow, yes.  Since the shell generally doesn't have any connection
to the emulator (only to the pseudo-terminal device they share), this
would not be straightforward.

} I am using zsh from git master, 5.0.7-dev-1 (@2e48eceb).

Hm.  I don't have any explanation, then.

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