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Re: learning zsh for beginners to shell

On Tue, Apr 21, 2015 at 1:40 PM, AmirVala Tavakoli
<noonpanirsabzi@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I’m training to be an MRI tech and need to learn a shell; I have chosen zsh.  I’m trying to learn
> zsh/Terminal for OS X Yosemite.  I’d appreciate any advice on the most current learning
> materials, blogs, books on zsh for the mac.  I would appreciate the help.

Hi.  You have written to the wrong mailing list.  You've wasted the
time of numerous busy zsh developers by causing them to read your
message.  You should write to the zsh-users mailing list instead.
Maybe they will help you.

That said:  I can teach you the basics of working with zsh and the
Unix command line.  This includes teaching you how to learn new Unix
commands.  It also includes teaching you how to get help from others
online when you're stuck (often instantly).  The first hour of
instruction would cost you US$40.  I accept Visa and MasterCard, and
can use Skype or remote-desktop software to connect to your computer.
If you're interested, please phone or (privately) email me.

Note that zsh may not be available on some of the machines you may
need to use in the future.  Bash is more commonly available.  Luckily,
many Unix commands work identically whether you are using zsh or bash.

Jason Spiro:  computer consultant.
Improve your kids' or your workers' productivity.  If you'd like
an Internet filter installed in your home or workplace, contact me today.
+1 (416) 992-3445 / <http://www.jspiro.com/>.

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