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Test suite failures with 5.0.7-dev-2


while zsh 5.0.7-dev-2 built fine as Debian package locally on my
Debian Unstable amd64 (64 bit PC) laptop, as well as on i386[1] (32
bit PC) in a Debian Unstable chroot on our Jenkins server, it had test
suite failures[2] on amd64 in the Debian Unstable chroot on our
Jenkins server.

Copy and paste from the log, not necessarily with the correct amount
of whitespace:

Running test: Aliasing reserved tokens
Pattern match failed:
<*4*{ begin
    4    { begin
>    5    {end
Test ../../Test/A02alias.ztst failed: output differs from expected as shown above for:
  $ZTST_testdir/../Src/zsh -fis <<<'
  exec 2>&1
  alias \{=echo
  { begin
  fc -l -2' 2>/dev/null
Was testing: Aliasing reserved tokens
../../Test/A02alias.ztst: test failed.

This looks to me like failing due to additional ANSI escape sequences
in the output. (Currently no time for further investigations, sorry.
Maybe this evening.)

[1] http://jenkins.grml.org/view/Debian/job/zsh-binaries/architecture=i386/179/console
[2] http://jenkins.grml.org/view/Debian/job/zsh-binaries/architecture=amd64/180/console

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