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Re: Conflict with Jun T's texi2any patch

2015/05/23 02:05, Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> +AC_CHECK_PROGS([TEXI2PDF], [texi2pdf], [makeinfo --pdf])

> I presume texi2any can replace texi2pdf as well, if that's not found?

With texinfo-4.13, makeinfo does not support the option --pdf.

With texinfo-5.2, makeinfo (= texi2any) supports --pdf, but if I try

$ texi2any --pdf zsh.texi

then it fails as

zsh.texi:70: @menu seen before first @node

This is strange, because, as Peter wrote, texi2any can't produce pdf
by itself but calls 'texi2dvi --pdf'. Or at least the documentation
of texi2any says so.
('texi2pdf zsh.texi' or 'texi2dvi --pdf zsh.texi' works, of course).

Anyway I think if there is texi2any then there should be texi2dvi and
texi2pdf, unless a user (or a package manager) installed texinfo in a
very strange way.

texi2pdf (texinfo 4 or 5) is just a wrapper script for 'texi2dvi --pdf'.
If $(TEXI2PDF) is empty, then Doc/Makefile.in calls 'texi2dvi --pdf'
instead. So I think if texi2pdf is not found then leaving $(TEXI2PDF)
empty is OK (if texi2dvi does not exist then 'texi2any --pdf' will fail
even if the above problem has been fixed).

Or is it better to check the existence of texi2dvi in configure?

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