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I am DEFINITELY no programmer or network engineer! Need Help Please!



I was reading your articles on z.sh on the sourceforge sites. Very
fascinating stuff.  I wish I knew more about UNIX for it to make more sense
to me.  I have been researching the code someone has been using to intrude
on all of my devices, and it has led me here.  While I know this is open
source, and I am a firm believer in an open internet, someone is abusing our
freedom for whatever means, and is ruining my life. Seriously.  I'm a single
dad that works from home mostly, and by no means a computer expert.
Somehow, this assclown has been leaching off of my devices for quite some
time.  I have almost lost my job several times due to this asshole basically
locking me out of my computer and/or internet access and not allowing me to
do my work.  I have spent thousands of dollars, (which I assure you was ALL
I had!) attempting to rid myself of this person/people/bot? Nothing seems to
help!  No anti-virus, IT tech, new cpu's, etc.. have worked to shake this
parasite off of what tech life I have left ( I used to really enjoy this
stuff).  It's been maddening and has even cost me a relationship because of
the stress it's caused me and my family.  Destroyed my reputation as worker,
due to turning in assignments late and past deadlines.  I am lucky to still
be employed at this point, and don't want to lose custody to my son's oxy
addict mom because I am homeless and can't support us.  All because some
dick is doing whatever (probably whacking of to WOW or some crap) on my
computers and phones,  and using my bandwidth to do it.  My next step is to
take every penny I have left stashed between my mattresses and sell off
anything else I have worth anything, and hire some other programmer to help
me find this person/persons.  Then I'm going to buy a shitload of  weapons
and hunt their asses down.  I'm not being figurative about this either.
Being that I'm not insane, psychotic (yet) or generally violent, I'd prefer
not to go there.  I've almost lost everything anyway, so it's getting to the
point where I'm starting not to give a shit anymore.  I'm sure you're tired
of hearing my country song of a sob story, and frankly, so am I.  I just
want them to go away so I can do my damn job and enjoy my life a little
without worrying about this anymore.  If you have ANY ideas, or input or
anything on how to go about getting rid of this problem, or if you just want
to tell me to fuck off, I'd really appreciate a response.  NO ONE in any of
the other programming communities (including Mozilla) with any authority or
high level of knowledge has even responded to me.  Sorry for the language
but I can't beat around the bush anymore. Thanks in advance, Dave

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