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Re: bracketed paste mode in xterm and urxvt

On 06/03/2015 05:31 PM, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
>> I do agree that mainlining this would make a lot of sense, even as a
>> setopt. Or at least provide the keymap/functions needed to enable it.
> I've been using bracketed paste for a while now and would also agree.
> The question is in what form to provide it? Note that I posted an
> alternative mechanism in workers/29898. The patch below is a port of
> that to C.

Looks good to me.

Actually, with this, couldn't we just disable isig while inserting the

If the terminal ensures that the end sequence is filtered in a bracketed
paste, the shell can also be sure that anything inbetween is not user input.

> With the patch as it stands, which is not meant to be final, users must
> still manually enable the mode for their terminal with zle-line-init
> etc (I actually append the strings to PS1/PS2/POSTEDIT). It'd certainly
> possible to add a setopt option to zsh to automatically output the
> enable/disable strings for bracketed paste. Testing a few ancient
> terminals (xterm and dtterm on Solaris 10), they seem to have no ill
> effect. Perhaps it'd be better to apply some sort of heuristics based on
> terminfo, however. Any thoughts on this?

I guess we can't use terminfo has no feature for this, right?

> What behaviour would you want in vi-mode? What about with the region
> active? Replacing the region might make sense but isn't really what
> emacs or vim do.

emacs disables the transient selection when pasting (which is inserted
on the current cursor position). For vi I'm not sure what I would
like... maybe the same. You have to enter insert mode normally, so it
would make it identical in behavior. Maybe gvim is different?

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