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Re: In POSIX mode, ${#var} measures length in bytes, not characters

ZyX schreef op 07-06-15 om 02:34:
> Do you have a reference where “character” is defined?


POSIX specifically allows any character encoding, including multibyte
characters, depending on the user's locale, and on the condition that
the portable character set (basically US-ASCII) is a subset of the
locale's character set.

With UTF-8 now the de facto standard locale and it including multibyte
characters, it's become important for shells to get this right.

> This behaviour is the same in posh and dash:

Yes, dash and pdksh/mksh/posh unfortunately have this bug, too.

But bash, ksh93, and yash correctly measure characters, not bytes. (yash
is supposed to be the most POSIX-compliant of them all.)


- Martijn

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