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Re: compinit insecure warning with trusted user

On Jun 7,  1:09pm, Stephen Romansky wrote:
} Zsh in owned by an admin account that isn't named root, and is not the
} current user.
} Now,
} http://zsh.sourceforge.net/Doc/Release/Completion-System.html#Use-of-compinit
} states that the *compaudit* will throw the warning if the completion system
} is not owned by root or the current user. Which is the case I have.

That paragraph is missing one detail, which is that compaudit also tries
to identify the user that owns the zsh binary itself, and allows fpath
directories to be owned by that user as well as root or the current user.

Do you in fact have a case where the files in fpath are not owned by the
same user as the zsh binary?  If the binary and the function library ARE
owned by the same user, perhaps there is an ownership test you can help
us improve.  Currently it examines

There's also some special code for debian.  If your situation is common on
some particular distribution, perhaps we need to special-case that, too.

} So, can the admin and/or wheel group be added to this set of
} exceptions? Or, is it simpler to just add the ignore flag to
} *compinit* on the system in question?

You probably want "compinit -u" (the "use the library anyway" flag) rather
than the ignore flag.

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