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nmcli completions

I'm not a subscriber to the mailing list and please forgive me if this 
is the wrong place to report this.

The completions for nmcli are very incomplete and in some instances, 

These were my steps
$ zsh -f
$ autoload -U compinit
$ compinit -i
$ nmcli <Tab>
   con -- NetworkManager connections
   dev -- devices managed by NetworkManager
   nm -- NetworkManager status
$ nmcli con <Tab>
  down -- deactivate a connection
  list -- list configured connections
  status -- print status of active connections
  up -- activate a connection
$ nmcli dev <Tab>
  disconnect -- disconnect device and prevent it from automatically 
  list -- get detailed information about devices
  status -- print status of devices
  wifi -- list available wifi access points

For simplicity's sake, I'm only going one subcommand deep because if you 
try to tab complete "nmcli con mod" (which should have a large amount of 
options you can change in the network configuration) you only get the 
"con, dev and nm" completions again.

So to starting from the top, `nmcli nm` is not a command and should not 
be part of the completion at all. nmcli con and nmcli dev are valid 
commands but there are several others that should be included. nmcli's 
options of course, but also the remaining objects: gen, net, rad, and 
age. All the objects should also have completions as well.

`nmcli con help` does show down, list, status and up but also show, add, 
modify, edit, delete, reload and load. Some of these objects have 
further subobjects or options themselves.

`nmcli dev help` does have disconnect, list, status and wifi but also 
status and connect. As before, wifi has several subobjects and options

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