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Re: PATCH: muddled completion search status

On Jun 17, 12:35am, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
} I wrote:
} > There's a further feature where if you press Ctrl-S (or whatever) again,
} > it will restore the last search string used. This feature is also
} > triggered if your next key is that for a reverse search.
} After checking, I noticed that this is exactly the same for history
} incremental search. Again, I think it is better not to restore the
} previous search string if the search direction has changed.

Unless I misunderstand you, repeating a search in emacs searches again
for the last-searched-for string no matter which direction the new
search is going.  The same is true for vi's "n" or "N" command for
searching again up/downward.  Why do you think it's wrong to restore
the last search string?  I would prefer not to break similarity (I won't
go so far as to say "compatibility") with emacs in this regard.

So maybe I'm just not following what you mean.

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