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Re: Vim yodl syntax highlighting

On Jul 10,  6:14pm, Daniel Shahaf wrote:
} > [...] there would be some precedent for putting
} > this in Doc/ if there were a reasonably portable way to make it load
} > (or not) as required/supported by the local vi-alike.
} What's your concern - portability (not causing errors for people who use
} other vi-like editors) or usability (automatically enabling the syntax
} highlighting)?

Portability, to use your parenthetical definition thereof.

} Automatically enabling syntax highlighting: I don't believe Vim has
} built-in support for letting a directory tree specify its own syntax
} highlighting, so I assume _some_ opt-in step would be needed.  We could
} make this as frictionless as possible, for example, by putting the file in
}     Doc/editorconfig/vim/syntax/zyodl.vim

In case not clear, it's not Doc/editorconfig/, it's a Doc/.editorconfig
file intended to be loaded by editors that use that common configuration
method.  I'm not in favor of adding a (non-hidden, as in not a dotfile)
tree of stuff under Doc/ that is not part of the actual documentation.

(That's a lot of nots.)

If you can't jam it all in a .vimrc or the like, it should probably go
in Util/ rather than Doc/.

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